About Us

Our mission is simple: to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog.



Goldline Interrnational, Inc. was founded in 1973 due to a very serious need in the Petro-chemical Industry to solve safety problems for personnel accessing: Tank Trucks, Rail Tank Cars and Barges.

In those days, before OSHA, our equipment was designed and manufactured according to ANSI, AWS and Petro-chemical Industry standards. Personnel safety has always been the main issue and still is today.  When OSHA was instituted in 1975, Goldline International had to make very little change in our loading rack and “Safe-walk” designs because OSHA is based primarily on ANSI. So we were the first in our industry to furnish products that conformed to OSHA’s standards. Goldline was and still is the leader in our industry. For example, we were the first manufacturer to put safety cages on our “Safe-walk” Units and Grab Rails on our Canopy Racks, even before OSHA mandated it.

Goldline’s basic philosophy is and always has been to furnish its customers with the best equipment that is needed to do a safe job. All equipment we have manufactured was designed to solve a safety problem that existed. Most of the basic access safety equipment that is common now was first designed by Goldline. Our concept of designing has always been first to solve the safety problem, making certain the product will do the job safely, and then quote the project. From the very beginning, we decided to design and manufacture the best access safety products in our industry, and we have, since 1973.

For example, the patented, modular “Fasterect” bolt together Loading Rack System was designed to provide a safe, fast system for field erection that would allow an Erector to control the field erection time and cost safely. This “Fasterect “ System, though the materials may initially cost a little more, allows an Erector to estimate the erection cost more accurately, and erection time is shorter saving time and therefore hundreds if not thousands of dollars.  Because of the modular design, Loading Rack expansion is very simple and safe.

One reason Goldline has been so successful over the years is because the shipping date is so important, we do everything we can to keep the promised date, even if it cost us extra. The question, “When do you need it?”  can become a promise from us to you.  

Our warranty has been very important to our success. We believe the warranty is our commitment to you that when you purchase our equipment, it will do the job it was designed for safely.  If there is a problem, Goldline will make it “right”!

Another major factor in our success is that we have many key personnel that have worked at Goldline for 20 to 25 years or longer.  All Goldline employees have pride in their work and in Goldline.  We have always been a small company, which has allowed us to keep tight control on our designs, Auto-cad drafting, manufacturing, follow up and quick response to our customers. Some of our customers have been using Goldline equipment that still works, since 1973, and currently continue to purchase more products.


The founder of Goldline International Inc. has always been very company orientated. He has always treated customers and employees very fairly and ethically. That is why customers have used our equipment for over 40 years and continue to come back for more. Several employees have worked at the company for over 25 years. One of those employees is Debbie Baggett who worked as: Office Manager, Head of Production, Scheduling, and President.

At the age of 85, George Lobb founder of Goldline made the decision to sell out. In his usual dynamic style, he decided to sell out to someone who had worked for him for over 28 years. Therefore, as of March 2014 the new owner is Debbie Baggett. The company name was changed to Goldline International Equipment Manufacturing LLC.

The continuing philosphy of the company is to furnish superior, long lasting and safe equipment. We take great pleasure in manufacturing high quality merchandise. Our customers can take pride in purchasing superior American made products.